Israel’s Knesset election is tomorrow,

Israel’s Knesset election is tomorrow, and Haaretz reports that Labor is virtually conceding defeat:
“‘We will support Mitzna after the elections. We will accept the verdict handed down by the voter, and we will deduce the message sent to us,’ Ramon [Labor’s public relations directir] said at a press conference at the party’s headquarters…. He also expressed confidence that no one at the top of the Labor brass would try to settle accounts with Mitzna. ‘Reports on dismantling the Labor party were very premature.'”
American newspapers showed a brief glimmer of interest in Israel’s election a couple of weeks ago, when polls showed Labor closing on the heavily-favored Likud party. But now that a conservative victory appears assured, interest has dropped to near zero. But, whether American newspapers wish to acknowledge the fact or not, the reality is that Likud–nearly always described as “right wing” in American press reports–now represents the center of the Israeli electorate. Labor is moribund on the left, and the most vigorous alternatives to Likud are on that party’s right.


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