For readers in Minnesota, the

For readers in Minnesota, the Trunk and I will be on FM radio (I think the number is 107; correct me if I’m wrong, Trunk) tomorrow morning at 7:20. We will be talking about our article (mostly Trunk’s) in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning, on the University of Michigan cases. We linked to the article this morning. One caveat: the show’s producer warned us our segment could be pre-empted.
Update from Trunk: Rocket Man has it right. We’ll be on KSTP’s FM talk radio outlet, KFMP 107.1, in Minneapolis-St. Paul at 7:20 am for one segment. My caveat: the host (New Hampshire’s Democratic former candidate-for-all-offices Deborah “Arnie” Arneson) doesn’t see the difference between racial preferences and legacy preferences. I’m not confident we can do the job in 20 minutes.


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