This may be as good

This may be as good a time as any to announce an exciting development–a new and improved Power Line site. We started this blog on Memorial Day of last year. I’d heard about blogging, read Andrew Sullivan and InstaPundit, and thought it sounded like fun. It took me less than ten minutes to set up the site on Blogger; the biggest hang-up was the site’s name, which a 13-year-old friend of my oldest daughter supplied in a moment of inspiration. Starting a blog is easy; obtaining readers is harder. Through a variety of efforts and lots of good fortune, we have developed a large and growing audience, to every member of which we are very grateful. While we are thankful for the start that Blogger gave us, and appreciate all of the many virtues of the Blogger software, we concluded a few weeks ago that we wanted a more powerful and flexible software, a more reliable hosting service–our biggest complaint is that frequently we are unable to post (usually only briefly) because we are cut off from our Blogger server–and a more attractive, professionally designed site. I resisted this conclusion briefly, as it was my minimal expertise at writing HTML code that accounts for the waving flag, the quotes and links, the power line graphic, etc. But I was quickly convinced that we would be better off in the hands of a professional web site designer. Some time in the next week or ten days, we expect to make the transition to a new site that will feature the same content but should be more attractive and more fun for us and our readers. Stay tuned; we will keep you posted as the new site is finalized.


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