I ran across this astonishing

I ran across this astonishing story this morning on NewsMax. A south Florida radio personality named Neil Rogers commissioned and repeatedly played a racist song about Condoleezza Rice; sung to the tune of “Mona Lisa,” it calls Rice a “neo-facist black-haired token schwarze dog” and includes lyrics like “Does they like how you shine their shoes, Condoleezza…But then he make you clean all the White House bathrooms. The public sink, the toilet and let’s scrub the floors.” Rogers repeatedly played the song on the radio, which prompted a complaint to the local NAACP chapter. The NAACP, however, “decided not to complain on behalf of the top black Bush official.” Rogers’ radio station (but not Rogers himself) has now apologized as a result of complaints by a Chicago radio personality.
Why did this outrageous racist incident prompt no reaction at all from the NAACP or the media’s racial sensitivity police? Not because Rogers is inconsequential; he appears to be the top-rated radio personality in Miami, and Talkers Magazine Online rates him the 15th greatest radio talk personality all time, ahead of such stalwarts as Arthur Godfrey and Neal Boortz. Rather, it seems clear that Rogers got a pass because he is a leftist. Here is his web site. Rogers is a vicious critic of President Bush; he links to various anti-Bush articles and promotes books like David Brock’s Blinded by the Right, Molly Ivins’ Shrub, and something called Forbidden Truth, about “U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy.” For this, he gets a pass from the NAACP and the mainstream media. More evidence that racism is unobjectionable as long as it is in the service of liberalism.


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