The Associated Press headlines “U.S.

The Associated Press headlines “U.S. Fails to Sway Allies on Iraq” , referring to today’s 11 to 4 vote in the U.N. Security Council to allow more time for weapons inspections in Iraq. The AP notes that “neither the largely negative reports from weapons inspectors this week nor Bush’s address altered the positions of some of America’s key allies, including France.” Putting aside for the moment the absurd claim that France is a “key ally” of the United States–to be a key ally, it is at a minimum necessary to imagine a situation in which a country could be useful–this story is typical of conventional reporting in that it portrays countries like France, Russia, Syria, Cameroon etc. as objective judges of American foreign policy, occupying a higher plane than America and acting on purer motives, waiting patiently to be “swayed” by our still-inadequate arguments. The conventional media never breathe a hint of the truth, which is that countries like France and Germany are cowards. They would be delighted if the United States liberates Iraq; truth be told, they would be greatly relieved if we exterminated all Muslims, especially the ones living within their countries, of whom they live in a state of constant fear. The only reason why countries like France pretend that they are not yet convinced by the power of our arguments is that they are hoping to deflect Islamic terrorism away from themselves onto us and our real allies. They are, in short, cowards, motivated by the most craven sort of self-interest, calculating that in the end we will do what is right without exposing them to Islamofascist revenge. It is sickening to see our own media accord them a position of moral superiority.


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