Ann Coulter goes after the

Ann Coulter goes after the “War-Torn Democrats.” She quotes John Kerry’s position on the war:
“(I)f you have a breach that, by everybody’s standard, at least in the United States, those of us in the House and Senate, and the president, join together and make a judgment, this is indeed a material breach, and then others — some of them can’t be persuaded — if we have evidence, sufficient to show the materiality of the breach, we should be able to do what Adlai Stevenson did on behalf of the administration, Kennedy administration, and sit in front of the Security Council and say, ‘Here is the evidence. It’s time for all of you to put up. We need to all do this together.’ And that’s what I think the resolution that was passed suggests.”
Any hope we’ll soon be seeing books mocking “Kerryisms”?
Ridicule aside, Kerry echoes Tom Daschle (who unites the Axis of Evil and the Axis of Weasels in a single persona, the Evil Weasel) in wondering why we can’t just lay out U2 photographs that would conclusively prove Saddam’s violations, as Adlai Stevenson did during the Cuban missile crisis. Two reasons: 1) Our intelligence doesn’t come from airplanes, it comes from people on the ground. This is because a) Saddam doesn’t allow U2s to fly over Iraq, and the U.N. hasn’t pressed the issue, and b) the stuff we’re looking for is much smaller than the Cuban missile installations of 1963. 2) A U2 can’t have its tongue torn out. Therefore we did not hesitate to disclose that our photos came from a U2. In Iraq, if we disclose the sources of our intelligence–as in many instances we must, either explicitly or implicitly, if we release the intelligence itself–those sources will cease to exist in a manner that would strongly discourage others in Iraq or any other country from cooperating with us in the future.


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