To reinforce Rocket Man’s analysis

To reinforce Rocket Man’s analysis as to why Colin Powell need not do an “Adlai Stevenson” in order to make the case for dealing with Iraq, here is George Will on the subject. There is something quite disturbing about the way the Democrats are analyzing this issue. I’m not sure I can articulate my concern, but it is as if the Dems want to impose common law style restraints on our ability to defend ourselves. In 1962, it was great that we were able to get pictures that Adlai could wave at the Soviets. But how did this become the standard of proof that must be met before we can deal with threats to our national security that our government believes exist? A lawlerly analysis of old precedents may be a good way to resolve tort claims. But it has no place in the war against terrorism. The Democrats will not regain the trust of the American people until they figure this out.


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