I’m not into the “corrections”

I’m not into the “corrections” thing, but when the same post contains two errors, it’s time to come clean. Yesterday, in commenting on a fine article about the Israeli elections by Meyrav Wurmser, I suggested that, with the hit the Labor party took, Israel may no longer have a two-party political system. Of course, Israel never has had a two party system. I meant to say, as Wurmser did, that Likud’s victory “changed the political map from a system dominated by two large parties to a system in which only one party — Likud — monopolizes Israeli politics.”
To make things worse, I went on to attribute to Rocket Man the correct prediction that Sharon would be substantially helped by the fact that the Supreme Court pulled the plug on the Prime Minister’s television appearance in which he tried to address charges of corruption. Had I checked the record instead of relying on an increasingly faulty memory, I would have found that the prediction came from a reader, “Dafydd ab Hugh,” who, at the time, referred to this event as the “Paul Wellstone Memorial of the Israeli elections.”


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