Italian police, apparently executing a

Italian police, apparently executing a “routine sweep against illegal immigration,” arrested twenty-eight Pakistakis–all apparently living in a single apartment–after finding:
“800 grams (28 ounces) of explosives, 230 feet of fuse and various electronic detonators crammed behind a false wall.
Islamic religious texts, photos of ‘jihad’ (holy war) martyrs, piles of false documents, maps of the Naples area, addresses of contacts around the world and more than 100 mobile telephones were also found in the run-down lodgings, police said.”
The explosives were said to be enough to blow up a three-story building. The Naples-area maps had a number of targets designated, including NATO’s Southern Command headquarters.
I like the reference to “addresses of contacts around the world.” While I have no basis to challenge the report that this was a routine sweep, this is the latest in a series of al Qaeda arrests in Europe (including Italy) that began with the ricin arrests in London, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is related.


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