This story is so typical:

This story is so typical: it turns out that Paul Wellstone, champion of the little guy, scourge of corporate interests, illegally failed to procure workers’ compensation insurance for his campaign’s employees. The four employees who perished in the airplane crash along with Wellstone and his wife were therefore uninsured. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune announces today that the Wellstone campaign has reached a “settlement” with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, whereby the campaign will pay $400,000 and the remaining amounts due–estimated at around $600,000–will be picked up by the taxpayers, courtesy of a fund for employees whose employers break the law by failing to obtain the required coverage or to properly self-insure.
The Strib, anxious that readers not think poorly of its favorite politician, volunteers helpfully that “election campaigns are believed to widely overlook the requirement” to buy workers’ compensation insurance. I wonder where they got that information. I’d bet a nickel, however, that heartless Republican Norm Coleman took the trouble to make sure that the people who worked for his campaign were insured as required by law.
This illustrates once again the principle that liberals love humanity in general, but don’t necessarily care much about the particular humans who actually depend on them.