The New York Post reports

The New York Post reports on an interview with Iraq’s “Vice President” Ramadan in Der Spiegel, in which Ramadan unveils Iraq’s secret weapon: suicide bombers. “We have no long-range missiles or bomber squadrons, but we will deploy thousands of suicide attackers,” Ramadan says. “These are our new weapons.” Well, here’s a hint, Mr. Ramadan: guys with hidden explosives taped to their bodies are effective in shopping malls and pizza parlors because the people there aren’t fighting. They are doing things like shopping and eating pizza. Sending suicide bombers against actual soldiers is something else entirely. They really aren’t likely to get close enough to an American tank division (let alone an Apache helicopter or a cruise missile) to do a great deal of damage. In fact, should there be a war in Iraq, it will be difficult to distinguish Iraq’s suicide bombers from the rest of her soldiers.


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