I wrote the host and

I wrote the host and Webmaster of Australia’s wonderful Music from Foggy Hollow show that is streamed over the Internet on WAMU’s 24-hour a day BlueGrassCountry site to ask about the program. Michael Kear is the man and he has kindly responded as follows:
“G’day Trunk: It’s a thrill for me to hear from people all over the world who are listening to my show. Until a few months ago, it was played to an audience in Sydney, and to get it on bluegrasscountry.org is exciting for us all in the bluegrass community in Australia – it’s a way for us to play up to date bluegrass music to Australians all over the country, and for Australian bluegrass to get a play to a wider audience. The show you’re hearing now was recorded from the air a few weeks ago – it takes that long to edit out our Sydney weather forecasts and news reports, and get the show to Washington DC to be broadcast. Hopefully in due course we’ll find a way to make the show immediate. The show is a weekly 3 hour show, but it


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