We’ve been promoting the Rottweiler

We’ve been promoting the Rottweiler lately, but today’s fisking of a liberal commentator is especially worth reading. Here is a sample:
“‘ I’d say right wingers demand that everyone *thinks* whatever they *think* but right wingers don’t think. They listen and obey. Free thinking threatens right wingers. It weakens their precarious hold on their make-believe world. Jawohl, mein Fuhrer. I believe every little zing zat mein Fuhrer tells me.
“As a bona fide former card-carrying feces-flinging Lefty Loon, I find that statement particularly amusing. One of the major factors in moving me to the other side of the aisle and find my true ideological “home” was that those pesky right wingers kept pestering me with facts. And those facts, combined with my own observations of the real world, always collided with my carefully constructed Marxist dreamworld.
“Eventually my brain couldn’t handle the endless contradictions between facts and Socialist groupthink and I ended up switching. It was either that or going stark raving mad.”
Check out the Rottweiler for the rest.


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