Oliver North has a hilarious

Oliver North has a hilarious column comparing Secretary Powell’s presentation to the UN with the OJ trial: “The OJ trial at the UN.” North concludes as follows: “In the O.J. trial, Cochran made much of the fact that no murder weapon was ever found and convinced a jury of 12 to let O.J. off the hook. The evidence on Saddam is now before a ‘jury’ of 15 in the UN. President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair need to act soon, before Dominique de Villepin persuades them that the Scud doesn’t fit — and they vote to acquit.”
David Brooks expands on this point in his piece on the Weekly Standard’s Web site: “French Kiss-Off.” Is it wrong to hope that the French hold to their position and therefore assist us in drawing the correct conclusions about the absurdity, irrelevance and odiousness of the UN? Just asking.


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