A citizen’s guide to multiculturalism

We can’t defend America if we don’t love her, and there’s nothing that the traitors in the academy want more than to make us hate her. But America is under ideological assault not only in the universities, but also in the schools from kindergarten on, where multiculturalism has become the official state religion. We have therefore long needed a citizen’s guide to multiculturalism — a brief but serious account that explains the phenomenon and sketches out an appropriate critique. The chapter on multiculturalism in Dinesh D’Souza’s early 1990’s book on the universities, Illiberal Education, does a good job of providing such an account and critique, but the book has lost the currency it had upon its publication. Now the Claremont Institute’s Thomas Kranawitter has done an outstanding job tackling this difficult subject in “The Intellectual Errors and Political Dangers of Multiculturalism.”


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