City Journal

I have frequently noted that the Claremont Review of Books is my favorite magazine. I’ve been working my way through the winter issue for the past few months, and taken all together the issue by itself is something like an education in American political thought and history. It is an incredibly impressive magazine, now available on newsstands in good bookstores like Barnes and Noble and St. Paul’s Bound To Be Read.
City Journal is the quarterly publication of the Manhattan Institute. Physically, it is a beautiful magazine, surely the most beautiful public policy magazine in the country. The contents of the magazine are also outstanding. The winter issue of the magazine is a good example. Among the fine articles in the issue are Kay Hymowitz’s essay on “Why feminism is AWOL on Islam” and Stefan Kanfer’s essay on Cole Porter, “The voodoo that he did so well.” Steven Malanga’s “How the ‘living wage’ sneaks socialism into cities” belongs in our continuing series on “studies in liberal governance.”
I previously posted Tom Wolfe’s tribute to the Manhattan Insititute, but it’s worth an encore in this context: “Revolutionaries.”


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