Thanks for your messages

Rocket Man has left the building and buried your messages deep in the recesses of our new mailbox, but he left behind instructions that have finally allowed me to dig them out and take a look. We sincerely appreciate your messages and encourage those of you who have not yet written to give us your reactions to the redesigned site.
We have received many messages commenting on the look of our new site, all but one positive. It should be noted that the site is designed to be viewed on Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher and Netscape 6.2 and higher. It disintegrates in various ways on earlier version browsers.
Thanks also for your messages regarding the Edward J. Epstein and Tom Wolfe links on my posts over the past few days. I have fixed both of them and ask you to try again if you looked for either one earlier without success.
One last note. To facilitate our transition to the new site our post headings simply consisted of the first five words of the post. That should no longer be the case.


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