Bin Laden Returns

Al Jazeera will soon broadcast a new “bin Laden” tape in which the terrorist allegedly talks of the “partnership” he feels with Iraq. Colin Powell has understandably seized on this as more evidence of the actual or potential alliance of Iraq’s weapons with al Qaeda’s delivery system.
We may as well wait until we see reports from the audio labs that analyze the tape, but it will take a lot more than an anonymous audio tape to convince me that bin Laden is still among the living.
UPDATE: This Reuters article has a somewhat different spin, omitting the word “partnership” and emphasizing “bin Laden’s” reference to Saddam as an infidel. He also denounces socialists; even a blind pig etc. The operative language is this: “It does not hurt that in current circumstances, the interests of Muslims coincide with the interests of the socialists in the war against crusaders.” Neither article has a complete transcript of the tape.


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