My Conservative Cousin

It was good to hear from my conservative cousin from New York, George Chimes. After offering some typically astute comments about American history, George had the following to say about the state of public education in America’s cities:
I was pleased to see your blogs about the failing NYC Public Schools. This is an issue of far more importance than the controversy over the University of Michigan admissions standards. After all, both the “minority” students given the 20 point preference and the white students denied admission because of it are a lot better prepared to compete in the job market than the average graduate of an urban public school.
It is a national scandal that so many students in urban public schools are functional illiterates. My childrens’ experiences in the NYC public schools really were eye openers on that score. Fortunately, I had the financial resources to place my children in private school. I feel terrible for those who are unable to do so.


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