Democrats are disturbed

Democrats are disturbed by the fact that President Bush may have authorized the use of nuclear weapons in response to an Iraqi chemical or biological attack. We must create a new “Democrats are disturbed” category for the recurring news stories shedding light on the death wish that liberal Demcrats seek to impose on the rest of us. This morning’s Washington Times has the story: “Democrats ‘disturbed’ by Bush policy on nuclear arms.”
Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured a jointly bylined column by Jimmy Carter’s and President Bush 41’s national security advisers Zbig B. and Brent Scowcroft on a “new” Middle East peace plan — the kind that treats Israel approximately like Neville Chamberlain treated Czechoslovakia. If I remember correctly, Scowcroft is the guy who couldn’t figure out if it was okay to let the Soviet Union fall apart under Bush 41’s friend Gorby. The column was interesting mostly as evidence (not that we needed more) of the utter bankruptcy of the thought of these foreign policy bigfeet.
David Frum promptly responded to the Zbig/Scowcroft column yesterday in his National Review Online column, and FrontPage includes Frum’s response among its roster of columns today. Frum’s column is worth a look on its own terms: “Play it again, Zbig.”


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