The terrorist in my neighborhood

As Rocket Man noted last night, Sara Jane Olson, a/k/a Kathleen Soliah, was sentenced yesterday along with three of her former SLA comrades for the 1975 murder of Myrna Opsahl. She couldn’t find it in her heart to say a single word to the son of Mrs. Opsahl, who was in court for the sentencing hearing and has faithfully fought to have these murderers brought to justice.
The accounts of the hearing in this moring’s Star Tribune and Pioneer Press are both worth reading: “Silent Sara Jane Olson gets six more years” (Star Tribune) and “Sara Jane Olson handed 6 more years” (Pioneer Press).
One of the bank employees who survived the robbery in which Mrs. Opsahl was murdered spoke at the hearing: “Weeping, a bank teller recounted the robbery. ‘I was among the 25 people in the bank,’ Rachel Harp testified. ‘There is not a day that goes by that we do not relive that tragedy. We were threatened with guns held to our heads.'”
Jon Opsahl was not impressed by the letter filed by Olson/Soliah with the judge. He noted that she “still insists that she never intended to hurt anyone in the bank that day. In reality, Ms. Soliah knows that she kicked a pregnant teller who was lying on the floor of that bank, not far from where my mother was bleeding out. Ms. Soliah would have us believe that it never happened, and if it did, it wasn’t her fault the woman miscarried.”


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