It was almost like being in Alaska

I’m back from a very long week-end in Boston at the Harvard Invitational debate tournament where my younger daughter competed with good success, along with more than 20 others from her high school. We had to stay an extra day because of the blizzard. Rocket Man, I didn’t see Joe Millionaire, but the debate team had a Joe Millionaire party in one of the kid’s hotel rooms (I think it might have been the room of Tom Friedman’s daughter). To a teen-ager, they were greatly disappointed by the final episode. They found the “shock-ending” corny and predictable, especially compared to various scenarios that they had concocted, most of which, of course, were not fit for prime-time viewing. So, to answer your question, Rocket Man, you haven’t “lost it completely” unless by “it” you’re referring to your youth.


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