Clinton’s Perfidy

Hugh Hewitt reviews Bill Clinton’s pefidy since leaving office and assesses the Clintons’ position entering the 2004 race. His conclusion that the Democratic nominee, whoever he may be, is almost certain to offer the Vice-Presidential slot to Hillary is depressing. Even more depressing is Clinton’s continuing effort to undercut America’s foreign policy. Hugh quotes Clinton addressing a crowd in Atlanta last week, the night before a Security Council meeting:
“‘We should let Blix lead us to come together,’ he told an audience in Atlanta the night before the crucial Security Council meeting last week, adding that Blix is ‘a tough, honest guy who is trying to find the truth.’ Clinton also agreed with the French that Saddam ‘needs to disarm or get out of town,’ but warned that ‘he won’t do it unless the world is united.'”
This last comment is vintage Clinton, and is remarkably stupid. The world being “united” won’t do a thing to disarm or get rid of Saddam unless the “united” world is backed up by the U.S. Army. Conversely, the U.S. Army can and will get rid of Saddam regardless of the extent to which the world is “united.” Moreover, the world has never in its history been “united” about any vital issue of war and peace. To make a “united world” a precondition for any American action is to paralyze all action and leave the field clear for tyrants to operate.


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