More Reasons to Oppose the War

Donald Rumsfeld said today that the U.S. and British armed forces are now ready to launch an attack on Iraq whenever the order is given. It can’t come too soon. The Administration’s U.N. detour rates somewhere between a joke and a disaster, and the whole slow-walk approach has done nothing but allow pro-tyranny forces every opportunity to erect obstacles in our path.
Hysteria is now at a fever pitch. At the moment, Yahoo News headlines include a ridiculous claim by two Australian economists that a “short” Iraq war could cost the world $1 trillion, while a longer war could cost three times as much. My favorite anti-war claim so far, however, is a second Reuters article, also being promoted by Yahoo, which headlines:
“Iraq War Would Increase Sex Trafficking – Activists.”
One Michelle Clark explains, “Without a doubt you will find women who will be brought in to service the warriors as well as the peacekeepers in these operations.”
On the other hand, of course, the war will cut down on eye gougings, tongue extractions, etc.
Let’s get on with it and bring this insanity to an end.


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