Not Ramsey Clark, but close enough

The other day, reflecting on the presidential candidacies of Carol Moseley-Braun and Dennis Kucinich, I wondered whether Ramsey Clark would be next. This Washington Post article suggests that, instead, it might be Gary (“Where’s the beef”) Hart. Even without Hart, the Democrats already have eight announced candidates. The record is nine, set in 1976 by the Democrats. With more than a year to go until the New Hampshire primary, that record almost certainly will be shattered. That the present collection of hopefuls is not yet ready for prime time can be discerned from the fact that the Post ran this story not in its news section but in the “Style” pages. On the other hand some of the Post’s best writing occurs in those pages, and the writer of this piece, Mark Leibovich, gets in a few goods lines. The best is his last: “Even if he doesn’t win, Al Sharpton will be nicely positioned to get his own cable show.”


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