The Communist-Fascist Alliance

It occurs to me that we are seeing a replay of the late 1930’s in this sense: the Communists and the Fascists have again allied against the forces of freedom. Who exactly is it who supports the Islamofascists? The press would have us believe that antiwar protesters are a random cross-section of America. But while foolishness may be randomly distributed through the population, the leadership of the “antiwar” movement displays a consistent pattern. It is not antiwar at all; it is anti-American, anti-free enterprise, and anti-democracy–precisely the points on which fascists and communists unite. (See the Byron York column that Trunk linked to earlier.)
Today there was an “antiwar” demonstration at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. The protesters sought admission to the weapons research facility on the ground that they were “international arms inspectors.” Like most American antiwar demonstrations, it was organized by A.N.S.W.E.R., a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party. (Note the sign that the man in the photo below is holding.)
The American Communists who sponsored the Aberdeen demonstration were joined by a group of English Communists, including British MP Alan Simpson. Simpson is described in press accounts merely as a member of Parliament, but for his actual views, see this profile by the extremely liberal BBC News. Simpson is described as a “prominent left winger,” the “secretary of the Socialist Campaign Group,” a “frequent critic…of global capitalism,” and “Liverpool’s Mullah of the Masses.”
It is the Communists and their sympathizers, both here and abroad, who have gladly made common cause with the Islamofascists, including Saddam Hussein. They have no objection to his methods; they care nothing for the suffering of the Iraqi people; and they share his ultimate goal, the destruction of Western freedom. The Communist/Fascist alliance is as contemptible–and as dangerous–as it was sixty-five years ago.


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