The Carnival Continues

Robert Mugabe, speaking at the summit of the 116-member Non-Aligned Movement in Malaysia, demands that the United States dismantle its weapons of mass destruction. In typically colorful language, Mugabe said:
“The United States, awakened to the implications of being the sole superpower, joined by Britain as a born-again colonialist, and other Western countries have turned themselves into fierce hunting bulldogs raring to go, as they sniff for more blood, Third World blood.”
Oh, he also mentioned that it is President Bush who is illegitimate, not himself:
“Is it not ironical that Mr Bush who was not really elected should deny my legitimacy, the legitimacy of President Mugabe, established by many observer groups from Africa and the Third World.
“Who, in these circumstances, should the world impose sanctions on? Robert Mugabe or George Bush?”
I guess he read the news accounts of the Democratic National Committee meetings earlier this week.
It’s time to get on with the war–or abdication, whichever it turns out to be–and stop the bleeding. When tinpot tyrants like Robert Mugabe correctly perceive that it’s open season on the President of the United States, things are not going well.


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