Imminent terrorist attack?

The invaluable Middle East Media Research Institute has posted a special warning of a possibly imminent terrorist attack in the United States: “Islamist Website: An Imminent Terrorist Attack (Possibly by Al-Qa’ida) Within ‘About Ten Days’ (Apparently in the U.S.).”
National Review Online has a good set of columns on President Bush’s speech at the American Enterprise Instititute last night. David Frum views the speech as historic in nature, but the one qualification he places on his enthusiasm makes me wonder: “The speech almost left behind the idea that the next order of business after Iraq is not the extension of democratic transformation in the Arab world, but yet another dreary round of negotiations on the West Bank. There may be Realpolitik reasons why this will have to be so, but it does leave behind the unfortunate idea (widely held by many in the U.S. bureaucracy) that democracy is something disagreeable the United States is inflicting on the Middle East


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