Wanted: Human shields for Israel

Reader James Smith of the Institute for Scientific Research in Fairmont, West Virginia writes us as follows: “Human Shields for Israel! How about it? What, no takers? I have been hearing and reading one media account after the other regarding the many people who are offering themselves as ‘human shields’ to protect the regime of Saddam, the madman. I have yet to hear or read about the first plane load of peaceniks headed to Israel? Have you?
“In 1991, Saddam lobbed how many Scud missiles into Israel to kill innocent civilians. He has promised more of the same, and then some, in the conflict that surely will come. Why are Iraqi solders more worthy of such protection?
“Why only protect the Iraqi citizens from ‘US’ attack? Today, thousands of Iraqis face Saddam’s torture chambers. Why do not the peaceniks prove their sincere interest in saving lives and bringing peace by offering to ‘shield’ these people — to take their torture, their pain? Why is death as part of gaining a people’s independence wrong, but death from one’s nemesis is fine? Why the distinction?
“1. The peaceniks may actually believe they can stop the US government from taking action in Iraq.
“2. The peaceniks know that to stand up to Saddam is certain suicide! Yet, thousands of Iraqi citizens face just such a life in today’s Iraq.
“Case closed!”


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