Why Do They Print This Stuff?

For some time, I have regarded Noam Chomsky–one of the world’s best-selling authors, unfortunately–as insane. His diatribes preserve the syntax of logical argument but are devoid of sense, which I think is symptomatic of a form of mental illness. Ramsey Clark is another prominent leftist who appears to be more or less unhinged. His op-ed in today’s Toronto Star is a good example. Titled, “Why does Bush push to silence free speech?”, it attacks the Administration for ostensibly stifling dissent and defends Saddam Hussein, without mentioning that people who speak freely in Iraq are likely to have their eyes gouged our or their tongues extracted. Equally bizarre is his recitation of America’s evils over the past half century, in which he somehow blames the appalling condition of North Korea, under a crazed Communist dictator, on our “intervention” there fifty years ago. (The rather obvious fact that our defense of South Korea is the only reason why that country is not now under the heel of the same sadistic tyrant apparently does not occur to him.)
This nonsense is not worth refuting, but it does raise the question why newspapers continue to print it. Are newspaper editorial boards dominated by liberals so blinkered that they really don’t notice when their fellow leftists have become detached from reality? It would seem so.


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