“What Iraq Is Really Like”

Jack Kelly sums up nicely why the coming war is moral, necessary, and can’t come too soon. He begins:
“Goli Afshar, a 23-year-old college student in Tehran, is worried about an American attack on Iraq. The Americans, she fears, are taking too long.
“Are they changing their mind?” Goli asked a Los Angeles Times reporter. “Can they hurry up with Iraq already, so they can get on with attacking us?”
And Kelly has choice words for today’s antiwar movement:
“To compare today’s war protesters to Vidkun Quisling or the Vichy French would be unfair . . . to Quisling and to the French collaborators. They sucked up to Hitler, but they were bowing to a superior power which had occupied their land. The support Jackson et al. are giving the Butcher of Baghdad is entirely gratuitous.”
Read it all. Via Real Clear Politics.


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