Dream On

A rather bizarre headline in the usually more sensible Washington Post: “Russia May Use Veto Power to Stop War”. Russia can veto all it wants, but I assume the Post doesn’t seriously expect a veto to have any effect on the war.
The Article quotes the Russian Foreign Minister making a typically specious antiwar argument:
“Ivanov insisted that unanimity in the Security Council, rather than talk of veto-wielding, was the best way to pressure Saddam into disarming. ‘Only unanimity will provide success in the solution of the Iraqi problem,’ he said. ‘In the past Iraq used the differences in the Security Council and has managed to avoid solutions.'”
Well, he’s right about Saddam exploiting divisions among the Western powers. But the most reasonably solution to the problem is for the U.S. to ignore the purported need for unanimity, ignore any adverse action by the Security Council, and liberate Iraq.


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