Peace movements, then and now

Amir Taheri has a terrific column in the New York Post about the connection between yesterday’s “peace movement” and today’s: “Anti-war or anti-US?” Taheri notes that Stalin “was the father of the first ‘peace movement,’ which for years served as an instrument of the Kremlin’s global policy.” After marshalling a considerable body of evidence, Taheri concludes, “Stalin died 50 years ago to the day. But if he were around today he would have a chuckle: His peace movement remains as alive in the Western democracies as it was half a century ago.”
And in USA Today Samuel Freedman contrasts the Vietnam era’s antiwar movement with today’s: “War protesters fail integrity test.” Freedman credits the sixties war protesters with intellectual integrity he finds lacking in today’s “peace movement.” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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