More on Ms. Clinton’s intentions

Melanie Marlowe at the Claremont Institute offers these insights as to Hillary Clinton’s intentions, in light of her support for war with Iraq: “I don’t really think she’ll [run in 2004] unless things go badly in Iraq immediately. However, one thing I noticed is that she has gotten herself on the Armed Services Committee. This means that she can tour military bases, demand briefings from Pentagon officials [and] receive and affect classified information. . . so she can tell middle-of-the-roaders, ‘Don’t be so scared of me. I LIKE the military, and I have experience with it; I just want to use it differently.’ She is far enough left that she could emphasize the [Saddam Hussein inflicted] human rights tragedies (and more will come to light after the war) in the primaries, so she won’t lose liberal support.”
I think this is exactly what Ms. Clinton has in mind. Don’t they now call it triangulation? It used to be called opportunism.


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