Homeland Stupidity

Power Line readers know that I am a staunch defender of the Administration, but I have to admit that the whole Homeland Security thing is absurd. From the name on down, it has a weird retro aura–it reminds me of the days when every grade school in America had yellow and black signs showing school children the path to the basement in the event of nuclear attack.
The Homeland Security Department now has a web site called “ready.gov.” The site is amazingly dumb. Its main links are titled “Make a Kit,” “Make a Plan,” and “Be Informed.” Under “Be Informed” are headings like “Chemical Threat.” Here are the “Possible Signs of Chemical Threat”:
“Many people suffering from watery eyes, twitching, choking, having trouble breathing or losing coordination.
“Many sick or dead birds, fish or small animals are also cause for suspicion.”
If you do see a lot of dead birds and animals lying around, the government’s advice is to: “Take immediate action to get away.”
These helpful tips are supplemented by incomprehensible graphics, such as:
Bio.jpgnew website is devoted to readers’ submissions of captions for the Homeland Security graphics. Some are funny:
Walk blindly into a midget’s home.
If explosion occurs, run in opposite direction, away from blast.
Tell those terrorists to talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t listenin!”
You might need a thirteen-year-old daughter to fully appreciate that one.
Be forewarned; many others are crude. This whole thing can’t go away too soon.


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