Deja Vu All Over Again In the U.N.

The latest news from the U.N. appears to be more of the same. The U.S. and Great Britain have introduced an amendment to the “second” Iraq resolution imposing a deadline of March 17 for Iraq to comply fully with Resolution 1441. Our enemies on the security council have greeted this initiative with their usual regretful inability to provide support: “We cannot accept an ultimatum as long as inspectors are reporting cooperation,” said the French Foreign Minister. “This is the logic of war.”
As to Iraq’s cooperation, Hans Blix submitted his latest report today. The report is classic Blix:
“Iraq, with a highly developed administrative system, should be able to provide more documentary evidence about its proscribed weapons programmes. Only a few new such documents have come to light so far and been handed over since we began inspections. It was a disappointment that Iraq


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