Saddam’s Press Agents

Andrew Sullivan refers to the BBC as the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation; he recently linked to a BBC story that casually asserted that “the educated are mainly anti-war.” (The data in the article reported on by the BBC said the opposite.)
The Reuters news service is as bad as the BBC. Its mindless repetitions of Saddam’s line sometimes verge on the humorous. Here is a Reuters photo story in its entirety:
“Iraqi workers hold an anti-war banner at the Doura refinery near Baghdad March 7, 2003. Ordinary Iraqis said President George Bush’s latest speech had wiped out any hope they had that the United Nations could stop him attacking.”
“No Blood For Oil.” How original–and in English, too. It’s great to see that “ordinary Iraqis” are not only multilingual but free to print banners and hold them up outside oil refineries to tell western camera crews how they really feel.


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