Someone Please Explain This…

I came across the Flash Mind Reader last night via a series of links from InstaPundit to Blogatelle, Stacy Tabb’s blog (Stacy, who is Sekimori Design, designed our new site.) Anyway, I tried the Flash Mind Reader about twenty-five times last night and this morning, and it was right every time. Will someone please tell me how this thing works?
UPDATE: Thanks to all who responded to my plea. Even to those who suggested that I was a little bit dim for not seeing the trick. I’m a sucker for magicians, too. For those who may have been as mystified as I was: the result of the arithmetic calculation will always be a number divisible by nine. If you look at the chart, you will see that all numbers divisible by nine have the same symbol. The reason you don’t immediately catch on is that when you re-play the game, it randomly re-shuffles the symbols.


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