“Antiwar protesters trash 9/11 memorial”

Drudge linked to this story in the Whittier Daily News:
“Antiwar protesters burned and ripped up flags, flowers and patriotic signs at a Sept. 11 memorial that residents erected on a fence along Whittier Boulevard days after the terrorist attacks in 2001 and have maintained ever since.”
“Tracey Chandler, a Whittier mother of four who has maintained the spontaneous memorial since it was created by other area residents soon after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said she was shocked by the destruction.
“‘They trashed 87 flags, ripped 11 memorial tiles made by myself and my children out of the ground and glued the Bob Dylan song to a sign that said, ‘America, land of the brave, home of the free,’ ‘ she said.”
Police officers witnessed the vandalism, but did not arrest the people seen damaging the display because they were “exercising the same freedom of speech that the people who put up the flags were,” according to a police spokesman.
Just another indication of who the “antiwar” protesters are and what they really believe in.


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