Axis of evil

“The United Nations is not a good idea badly implemented, it is a bad idea.” That is the theme of George Will’s column this morning, and it is must reading: “U.N. hubris.”
Tony Blankley pursues a related theme in his weekly Washington Times column, noting the impending demise of both NATO and the UN: “[T]here is one other tradition being overturned: the inadmissibility in polite company of questioning the patriotism of Jews.” He concludes: “I will, reluctantly, help hold up the chisel against a dysfunctional United Nations. But when it comes to questioning the motives of Jewish-Americans (or other Americans): count me out.” His column is “Sad end to civilized edifices.”
William Safire sounds like he has been the recipient of interesting and detailed intelligence on the Iraq missile program, in which the French, the Chinese, and the Syrians have played crucial roles. He earns his pay in his column this morning: “The French connection.”
It is also necessary to worry about Iran, and former CIA agent (he worked in Turkey and Iran) Reuel Marc Gerecht has a discouraging column in the Times this morning on the problem Iran presents to the United States: “Playing the waiting game.”


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