Eye on the Post

Here is the the Washington Post’s take on the controversy over Congressman Moran’s attempt to “blame” the Jews for U.S. policy towards Iraq. The Post has previously deemed Moran unfit to serve in Congress. It considers Moran’s latest remark confirmation of that view. The Post notes that Moran’s comment “perpetuates a stereotype of Jews as a unified bloc steering the world in their interest and against everyone else’s.” Overall, the Post does as effective a job as I have seen in exposing the both the dishonesty and poisonous nature of Moran’s view.
However, while the Post is not prone to “blame the Jews,” the same cannot be said when it comes to Israel. Indeed, the Post has come in for well-deserved criticism on this front. Here is a website, Eyeonthepost.org, dedicated to exposing the Post’s distorted reporting with respect to Israel. The paper’s sensitivity over this matter may explain why, at the conclusion of its discussion regarding Moran, its editorial writer feels compelled to state that charges of anti-Semitism shouldn’t be permitted to stifle criticism of Israel, and that “it is not anti-Semitic to stand up for Palestinian human rights.” These statements are true as far as they go, and it even true that it is not necessarily anti-Semitic to engage in patently biased reporting in favor of the Palestinian cause. Even so, one wishes that the Post would end that practice.


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