A U.N. with fewer scoundrels?

Amir Taheri adds his voice to those who insist that the U.N. cannot continue as it is. In this regard, my high school class-mate Dennis James writes to suggest that the U.N. charter be revised so that only those countries with functioning democracies can be members. Undemocratic countires seeking admission and access to U.N. support and monies would have to reform their governments as the price of joining the civilized world. This approch would be a step in the right direction. However, I oppose participating in any body in which other nations — whether democratic or not — can block, or assert the right to block, policies that our elected leaders have decided to undertake in the interest of our national security. For this reason, among others, I would not want the U.S. to participate in a U.N. constituted along the lines that Dennis envisages, but that otherwise functions as today’s U.N. does.


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