Nothing Changes at the State Department

I have been out of commission for a day or two on account of extraordinary windstorms here in Alaska that knocked out my internet access. It’s finally been restored and I’m back in touch with civilization. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that much has changed while I was incommunicado.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the State Department’s effort to undermine American foreign policy. The Independent reports on a State Department report (authors unspecified) that was leaked to the Los Angeles Times. The report (written, I suppose, for the purpose of being leaked) “poured scorn on George Bush’s much-touted policy that a military invasion of Iraq will lead to a flowering of democracy across the Middle East.”
The State Department apparently remains committed to the view that “liberal democracy would be difficult to achieve,” and the report warns that any democracies that might be established would be subject to exploitation by “anti- American elements.” The bottom line is that change is impossible and the people of the Middle East are condemned to live under tyrannies indefinitely. There is no alternative, in short, to the wonderful policies that got us where we are in that region.
If the State Department lacks the professional competence to actually advance American foreign policy, it would be nice if it would at least stop trying to obstruct it.


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