Our readers humble us

Among the recent messages we have received from readers is one from Brett Marston pointing out that the senior Bush has apparently made an exception to his practice of refraining from commenting on matters of presidential policy in order to render some bad advice of the kind that created the problems with which the current president is having to deal. The London Times article reporting the senior Bush’s speech at Tufts University is “Bush senior warning over unilateral action.”
Reader C.S. writes to flatter us into believing we should have been included among the blogs rallying around the flag in the Washington Post article noting the phenomenon: “Rallying around the flag online.” We appreciate compliments from our discerning readers even more than we would appreciate recognition from the Washington Post.
Reader David Epperson requested a link to Oriana Fallaci’s interesting piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Here it is: “The rage, the pride and the doubt.”


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