Game over

It is painful to read Jonathan Foreman’s on the scene account of the price of delay on the American troops awaiting their orders in the desert: “The price of delay.” Mike Litwin of the Rocky Mountain News has a terrific column essentially asking who’s to blame: “Watch now for the finger pointing to begin.” How’d the guys at RealClearPolitics dig up that column?
We pray that David Brooks’ editorial for the new issue of the Weekly Standard out this morning has it right: “Game over.” (The issue also has a terrific book review of Colleen McCullough’s sixth and apparently final novel of ancient Rome by our radio hero Hugh Hewitt, but the review is unfortunately unavailable online.)
Ben MacIntyre’s London Times column on Jacques Ch’Iraq is long on entertainment value: “Le Bulldozer takes up tap dancing and learns to love himself.” But in case you were looking for something else to read in order to get your blood boiling this morning, Heather Mac Donald’s essay should do the job nicely: “What’s a cop’s life’s worth?”


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