A Useful Reminder

Power Line readers are well aware of the horrors of Saddam’s regime, so this London Times piece (which was linked to by Matt Drudge) will probably not contain anything new. The author, Ann Clwyd, is a British M.P. and a member of a human rights group called Indict. She writes: “Many Iraqis wonder why the world applauded the military intervention that eventually rescued the Cambodians from Pol Pot and the Ugandans from Idi Amin when these took place without UN help. They ask why the world has ignored the crimes against them?….I do not have a monopoly on wisdom or morality. But I know one thing. This evil, fascist regime must come to an end. With or without the help of the Security Council, and with or without the backing of the Labour Party in the House of Commons tonight.” It’s good to see such voices for freedom being raised at a time when political opportunists are undermining Tony Blair.


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