International Roll of Honor

The State Department has released the following list of thirty countries who have publicly stated that they support the coming invasion of Iraq:
Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Britain, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and Uzbekistan.
No doubt these countries will be remembered by the Administration and by Americans in general when the time comes to do a good turn for our friends.
In addition, there are another fifteen that are offering support but for political reasons have not been willing to endorse the operation publicly.
Congressional Democrats lost no time in adopting their usual classless, undiplomatic attitude toward our allies. Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett said, “While the president’s directive to Saddam to ‘Get out of Dodge by sundown’ is tough, the posse announced today is mighty weak.” Doggett specifically ridiculed Eritrea and Estonia as “military powerhouses.” What his point is, it’s hard to say–presumably not that the Administration has failed to assemble a strong enough military force. In any event, most Americans will no doubt have a more gracious attitude toward our allies than the Congressional Democrats.


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