The war on America

The Weekly Standard’s online site has two noteworthy pieces this morning. Our radio hero Hugh Hewitt likens Senator Tom Daschle to Charles Lindbergh in “Aid and comfort.”
As misguided as Lindbergh’s prewar statements and activities were, they stopped when America went to war. Once America was at war he devoted his efforts to finding ways to serve over Roosevelt’s unforgiving refusal to let him do so. I sincerely doubt that Senator Daschle’s patriotism will ever overcome his partisanship — or that President Bush will hold him to account. In any event, however, Hugh’s column is a good one.
Hugh’s World Net Daily column finds another historical parallel of use to explore Daschle’s conduct: “The new Copperhead caucus.” Hugh returns to Lindbergh and Roosevelt at the end of this column, noting that “FDR returned to use the word [Copperhead] just prior to World War II when he denounced Charles Lindbergh and the America Firsters as Copperheads.” Hugh concludes with this devastating observation: “Now there is a new Copperhead Caucus, with branches in Paris and Berlin. Tom Daschle is its American chair.”
The other column on the Standard site is an excellent companion piece to Hugh’s columns. Australian former government minister Andrew Thomson considers old Europe’s “War against America.” As Hugh makes clear, old Europe’s attack on America finds its voice at home in Senator Daschle.


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