Daschle Losing Support in South Dakota

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader is a notoriously liberal newspaper that has been one of Tom Daschle’s chief supporters for a long time. That makes this editorial, pointed out by reader Darrin Holien, all the more noteworthy. For the first time in memory, the Argus Leader takes Daschle to task for his recent outburst attacking President Bush’s Iraq policy:
“Daschle’s comments at the 11th hour cannot possibly be viewed as legitimate dissent. Rather, they’re a lashing out, at best – political posturing at worst….If Daschle was trying to make political points, he failed. He only solidified opposition to Democrats and himself as one of their chief spokesmen.”
We have noted Daschle’s increasingly intemperate style–sometimes apparently out of control, even bizarre–and wondered whether he could survive as a leader. If even his staunchest supporters in South Dakota now see that he has gone over the top, his days may be numbered.


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