Al Qaeda Supporters Hit In Northern Iraq

The Washington Post reports on a missile attack on a mountainside fortress held by Ansar al-Islam, an Islamofascist group allied to al Qaeda. This is the group that harbored the al Qaeda operative who organized the assassination of an American diplomat in Jordan last fall. The area controlled by Ansar al-Islam was in Iraq, near the border with Iran. Kurdish commanders estimated that 100 terrorists had been killed or wounded. The account of the special forces operation that led to the attack is interesting:
“Six Americans-three in uniform, three in civilian clothes-arrived on this hillock shortly after midnight, with radios and electronic equipment, according to Kurdish militiamen who man this forward position. The visitors studied the corner of the Halabja Valley and mountainside held by Ansar.
“Half an hour later, the first Tomahawks roared into the valley from the direction of the Red Sea.”


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